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Centerpieces and Bouquets
organic balloon happy anniversary gold centerpiece
Happy Birthday Centerpiece
Big Balloon with Shimmer bouquet
Big Balloons with tulle
New Years Centerpiece
Starpoint Centerpiece in Gold
Happy Birthday Spray Centerpiece
Angry Bird Balloon Bouquets Orange County
Little Mermaid/ Under the Sea Centerpiece
Topical Under the Sea Center piece
Flower Lantern Centerpiece

We can provide Centerpieces and Bouquets to compliment any occasion. They can be customized in any color and be adjusted to fit most any theme.
Centerpiece for
IBAC Competition 2004,
Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim:

2005 Las Vegas Balloon Camp Convention - Third Place Winner
Casino Themed Centerpiece

Broadway Centerpiece


Chinese Togo Centerpieces
Birthday Cake Centerpiece
air clusters
Planet Earth and Saturn Centerpieces
Red White and Blue Patriotic Balloon Bouquets in Orange County
Princess Balloon Centerpiece in Orange County
Pink Pretty Balloon Bouquets for Parties
Sea Balloon Centerpiece
Golden Centerpiece
Topiary Centerpieces
Spray Centerpiece
Safari Animal Centerpieces
Headdress competition piece organic
New York Centerpiece
Quinceanera Centerpieces balloons
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Big Confetti Filled Balloon Bouquets
10 balloon bouquet with weight
Under the Sea Beach theme Centerpiece
Big Bubble balloon with tulle centerpiece
Big Balloon with tulle shower centerpiece
50 Balloon Centerpiece
Tablescape Daisy Centerpiece and Table Decor
ipod music centerpiece
safari jungle
Broadway Centerpiece
50th Birthday Balloon Centerpiece
Foil Balloon Bouquet Centerpieces in Blue
Flower Centerpiece
Curious George Balloon Monkey Centerpiece
Hello Kitty Balloon Centerpiece
Chinese Lantern
Chinese Themed Centerpieces
Love Orchid Centerpiece





Saxophone Centerpiece
Funky Star Centerpiece
Basic Bouquet





torch pieces
Ice Cream Cone Centerpiece

Western Theme
monkey see
monkey do
Sports Team Centerpieces
Autumn Leaf Centerpiece
Safari Lion Centerpiece
Party in Pink Candyland
Big Balloon Centerpieces
Taper Centerpiece
High School Sports Group Centerpieces
Mission Viejo High School balloon centerpieces
Under the sea themed centerpieces
Three piece balloon tulle with foil wrapped weight centerpiece
Football centerpieces balloons
Candy lollipop balloon centerpieces
ipod music balloon centerpiece